Surveillance today, stands as a vital tool for protecting property and people round the clock. CP PLUS offers a wide range of surveillance cameras to meet an entire spectrum of security needs.

Ravi Solutions is one of leading security systems and service providers, security surveillance, fire detection and CCTV products. Established in 2011, Ravi Solutions has been at the forefront of providing the most comprehensive solutions in security and surveillance. It offers a wide range of security systems products including microprocessor based panels for up to 126 zones (for commercials and residential needs), ID reporting facilities and addressable panels.

Camera Resolutions
One of the most common differences between cameras is the resolution offered. Camera resolution is measured by the number of horizontal lines the camera chip produces. It is re-ferred to as TV lines or TVL. The more lines of resolution, the higher the image quality. Stan-dard quality is from 380TVL to 420TVL. High quality is from 420TVL to 480TVL. Very high quality is anything above 480TVL.
Cameras are available with a wide range of features such as infrared technology, weather-proof housing, vandal proof housing, and various mounting options.

Lux is the SI unit of luminous emittance used in photometry as a measure of the apparent intensity of light hitting or passing through a surface. IR cameras have a 0 lux rating as they illuminate in total darkness. Some cameras are known as Day/Night and have very low lux ratings indicating it needs only a small amount of light to capture images in darkness. The chart below is an example of how much light is produced from certain sources measured in lux. If a camera has a lux rating of 0.1 and gets light equivalent to that of a full moon, it will be able to produce an image.
InfraRed Technology
Infrared technology (IR) refers to the cameras ability to capture images in total darkness. Cameras featuring IR product color images during daylight and switch to black and white at night. When choosing this feature, you will want an accurate measure of the distance you need illuminated at night. Some cameras are equipped with more IR lights than others and therefore are capable of producing longer range images at night.
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